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Hot Tubs & Swimming Pools

Having a pool or hot tub may be a terrific addition to any residence in West Seneca, New York. You have your pool if you want to cool off on a hot summer day. But if you want to warm up in the cool temperatures of the evening, then you also have your hot tub. You can find a few other amenities like this that can provide the same degree of convenience and relaxation to your dwelling.

Hiring a specialist is almost always a good idea if you wish to make your home’s deluxe component pay off. Our world is now in the era of the web, so many sources declare that they can teach you how to wire your pool lighting, pool heating, or even your pool control panel.

Whether you wish to install a sewage pump or what other electrical services are best for you, we can assure you that you have made the right decision by enlisting the professional’s help. Do not get caught up in aesthetics; instead, concentrate on getting your hot tub and swimming pool installed with reliable electrical services.

You’re kept up-to-date from booking a service visit until your electrician arrives at your door.

Installing or Replacing a Hot Tub or Swimming Pool? Give us a call before!

If you’ve been thinking about adding a brand-new swimming pool to your property or are already considering remodeling your current one, then a trusted specialist can help you. The pool setup is complicated, and we can assist you with it.

We’ll work with you to choose the best pool lighting and implement this lighting. We additionally specialize in the installation, repair, and maintenance of swimming pool pumps, swimming pool chlorine generators, and swimming pool control panels.

Although you may be thinking of getting some hot tubs, it does not automatically mean you should overlook your swimming pool services. Swimming pool services are quite costly and require a lot of planning and wiring. If you ought to have an experienced team to provide services for your residence, you can rely on TD Electric.

It truly is one thing to research different types of lighting for your home in general, but it happens to be one more thing entirely to understand what system would work best for your specific needs.

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What Our

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You Can Count on Us for Those Repair Services Too

You’ve started noticing a flickering among the lights of your swimming pool or hot tub. Perhaps you also have become aware that your hot tub or swimming pool is not heating up as it should be. Our top agency for the maintenance of hot tubs and swimming control panels will offer the services you request.

Our team is always a must-have for any pool or hot tub wiring needs. If you see problems like this, it’s always best to contact our repair team immediately. We’ll make sure to install your pool or hot tub wiring so that everything goes smoothly. We will come to your home, analyze your system’s mistakes in-depth, and even give you the odds of repairs or replacements.

You’re kept up-to-date from booking a service visit until your electrician arrives at your door. We make sure we are professional at every turn, for your happiness and safety.

5 Things You Should Consider When Doing Pool & Hot tub Electrical

The following safety considerations should be incorporated into every installation:

A clearly labeled water-tight emergency interruption must be readily available to occupants and located at a minimum distance of 5 feet from the edge of the hot tub. The standard shut-off button is a compact red button on a nearby wall or fence.

Whenever water and electricity mix, it causes the threat of electrocution, so hot tubs need a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI.).

Do not install a hot tub under any power lines.

 Underground wiring should be installed in a flexible metal conduit, rigid metal conduit, or a nonmetallic raceway system approved for underground use. If a space limit prevents this, electrical wiring should be installed in a rigid metal conduit, intermediate metal conduit, or a nonmetallic raceway system approved for direct burial. The depth for burying it has to be at least six inches for metal raceways and 18 inches for nonmetallic raceways.

Regardless of whether low-voltage lamps are located 10 feet from the hot tub, they must be GFCI protected, as required by code.

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